Welcome to the Cumberland Fire Department

The current Cumberland Fire District Consolidation Committee has been meeting regularly prior to and since the passage of the Senate Act # 00958 of May 22, 2013 last year. The By-Laws that the Consolidation Committee has put together along with many of the important issues worked on such as buildings, equipment, payroll and the continued operation of the business offices will be forwarded to the new Fire Committee after the election in November 2014. The management of the fire protection and safety issues will be continued by the current Fire Chiefs and superior officers and it is the Consolidation Committee’s belief this transition to the new Fire Committee will be seamless with no interruptions. All taxpayers should continue to call the current offices of the districts that they have in the past for any tax questions you may have. Thank you.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cumberland Fire District is to provide exceptional public safety services in a safe, compassionate, cost effective and professional manner.

Public Meetings

All public meetings held in regards to the Cumberland Fire Department are posted in advance on the Secretary of State website as required by law. Information on these meetings can be obtained directly from the Secretary of State website.


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